David Bartos advocate, Edinburgh, Scotland

As Advocate

As an advocate my work consists of –

-    pleading, oral and written. Oral pleading means appearing and making a legal argument or presenting and testing evidence to a court or other adjudicating body e.g. arbitrator, tribunal, planning reporter e.t.c. Written pleading means writing out a client’s factual and legal arguments so that they can be understood by and can persuade a court or other adjudicating body.

-    advising on the strength and weakness of a case and on the evidence necessary to support it (whether in writing or at a meeting known as a “consultation”)

-    giving opinions on legal matters even where a dispute has not even arisen e.g. where the client wishes to know the strength of his position if a dispute arose (whether in writing or at a meeting known as a “consultation”)

-    representing clients in mediation. Mediation is where a third party mediator meets with parties to try to find common ground between them and to try to settle the dispute. Mediation has a high success rate in settling disputes. It is important, though, for a client to have independent and robust legal advice on hand during a mediation meeting so that the full implications of acceptance or rejection of a proposed deal are appreciated.

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